„What territorial cooperation between Europe and its Neighbourhoods?“

ITAN dissemination event „What territorial cooperation between Europe and its Neighbourhoods?“ was held in the Committee of Regions of the European Union on the 12th of Novmeber 2014 in Brussels. This event marked the finalization of the project Integrated Territorial Analysis of the Neighbourhoods - ITAN.

Program of the event 

ITAN project was realized in the framework of the ESPON 2013 programme and it deals with the territorial aspects of the EU neighborhoods: Northern, Eastern, South-Eastern (Western Balkans) and Southern (Mediterranean). 

Main results of the project are as follows:

-          detailed territorial analysis of four neighbourhoods

-          four composite spatial development indicators of  neighbourhoods 

  • local HDI, taking into account income, life expectancy and education
  • territorial dynamism, through the demographic evolution and the economic evolution
  • international openness index, stemming from data on international port, international airport and presence of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) at local scale
  • territorial capital index based on tertiary education, accessibility and international openness

-          database with focus on core data rather than an extensive collection of data

-          possibilities of elaboration of a Neighbourhoods Territorial Agenda 2020 

Project results on the site of the ESPON programme

ITAN major findings on the Sout-Eastern Neighbourhood  

Representative of the Republic Agency for Spatial Planning participated in the event with the short intervention during the debate which represented feedback from the Western Balkans pointing out the importance of the findings of the ITAN project for the on-going establishing of the territorial monitoring system in Serbia and cooperation on that issue with other Western Balkans countries. 

Main points of the feedback from Serbia

Information about the event on the site of Committee of Regions