About Agency

Republic Agency for Spatial Planning was established to ensure an effective implementation and improvement of planning policy and development of the Republic of Serbia. Until the adoption of the Law on Planning and Construction (Official Gazette, No. 47/03), which has been the legal basis to establishment Agency, there was the national office for spatial and urban planning, operated under the previous Law on Planning.

In accordance with the Low on Planning and Construction (Official Gazette, No. 72/09, 81/09 - correction, 64/10 - US, 24/11, 121/12, 42/13 - US, 50/13 - US, 98 / 13 - US) The Agency continues work as an independent organization, performed public authority in accordance with Law and regulations.

The Agency operates in accordance with the Law on Public Agencies. Registered and entered in the Register of Commercial Court in Belgrade (insert br.5-1339-00).

Agency is a legal entity with rights, obligations and responsibilities stipulated by the Law and the Statute of RASP.

The Agency is accountable to the Government of the Republic of Serbia, as a founder.

The Agency is responsible for: 

  • To prepare, coordinate and monitor the development of the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia and program implementation of the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia;
  • To prepare, coordinate and monitor the development of the regional spatial plan and its implementation;
  • To prepare, coordinate and monitor the spatial plans for special purposes area;
  • To prepare  a decision for the development of planning documents proposed by the relevant ministry;
  • To conduct international cooperation in the field of spatial planning;
  • To perform the tasks of experts help assistance for the Spatial plan of Republic of Serbia, the regional spatial plans and spatial plans for special purpose areas for the purposes for local self government;
  • To establish  an integral  system of indicators for spatial planning in accordance with the EPSON;
  • To keep a register of spatial plans for the territory of the Republic of Serbia;
  • To prepare and implement  educational programs for the purposes of drafting spatial planning documents;
  • To prepare an annual report on the implementation of the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia on the basis of ESPON indicators;
  • if necessary drafting  a spatial plan for special purposes area, funded from other sources, in accordance with the Law;
  • to perform other operations  in accordance with Law and Statute. 

The head office of the Agency in Belgrade.

The Agency has an organizational unit in Novi Sad, as well as three regional offices in Nis, Kragujevac and Kosovska Mitrovica.

Authorities of Agency: Governing Board and Director

Director of the Agency is appointed and dismissed by the Government, at the proposal of the Governing Board. 

Director should be appointed for a term of five years and may be re-appointed.

The Director is authorized to:

  • behalf the Agency;
  • organizes and manages Agency;
  • proposed the acts, adopted by the Governing Board;
  • adopted the Rulebook on internal organization and job classification of the Agency,
  • execute the decisions of the Governing Board and take measures for their implementation
  • ensure the legality of work and fit for use and disposal of the Agency,
  • appoint and dismiss directors of Organizational units on the territory of Autonomna Pokrajina Vojvodina, on the proposal of the APV
  • appoint the head of the Regional Office in accordance with the Labor Law,
  • Take decisions about  the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the employees
  • decide about the other legal and other persons to perform specific activities of the Agency in accordance with the Low 
  • perform other duties stipulated by Law and Statute